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Local Government Documents and Comments

San Bernardino County Supervisors Ramos and Lovingood Comments on Public Participation.
Dated 4/23/2013. Posted May 7, 2013. (PDF file, 1 pages, 61 kb)

DRECP Response Letter.
Dated and posted May 31, 2013. (PDF file, 1 page, 1 megabyte)

Riverside County Planning Department Comments on DRECP Alternatives and Issues of Concern to Riverside County.
Dated 8/30/2012. Posted September 7, 2012. (PDF file, 3 pages, 184 kb)

Draft Proposal Kern County Participation in the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan
Dated 12/14/2011. Posted December 20, 2011. (PDF file, 3 pages, 399 kb)

Inyo County Planning Department Comments
Dated 5/27/2011. Posted June 7, 2011. (PDF file, 4 pages, 135 kb)

San Bernardino County Position on Desert Renewable Energy Projects
Dated April 2010. Posted February 22, 2011. (PDF file, 2 pages, 82 kb)

Letter from Bob Buster, Riverside County Board of Supervisors, Re: Riverside County's Position on the DRECP. Dated: February 8, 2011. (PDF file, 2 pages, 573 kb)

DRECP letter in response to Supervisor Bob Buster
Dated 3/17/2011. Posted March 28, 2011. (PDF file, 4 pages, 496 kb)