The State of California and the California Energy Commission are committed to making our websites equally accessible for all visitors. Our websites are developed in compliance with California Government Code § 11135. GC § 11135 requires that all electronic and information technology developed or purchased by the State of California is accessible to people with disabilities. We develop and test our websites to meet both Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 standards.

Difficulty Accessing Material

If you have difficulty accessing any material on our websites, please contact us and we will correct the problem or provide the information in an alternative format. You can report web accessibility problems by sending an email to

You can also contact the webmaster via mail or phone:
California Energy Commission
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If you use a teletypewriter (TTY) device, you can contact the California Relay Service at 800-735-2929 and request your question be relayed to the webmaster at 916-654-4993.

Language Barriers

If you feel we have been unable to serve you because of a language barrier, please complete the Language Barrier Reporting Form (PDF) and send to the address listed on the form. A Spanish version of the form is available on our Language Barriers page.

Usability Features

Our websites are designed to enable visitors to navigate through our pages using standard browser usability features and common assistive technologies. Some of the features our visitors can adjust to meet their particular viewing needs include:

Assistive technologies commonly used by our visitors include:

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